Respirator Fit Testing

Qualitative (Irritant Smoke) FIT TESTING

A respirator fit test determines if a tight-fitting respirator can be worn without developing any leaks. Subsequently, it should occur after a company’s healthcare provider has medically cleared an employee to wear a respirator and before the employee dons it for work. Moreover, OSHA 1910.134(f) mandates that all tight-fitting respirators require a fit test for employees. To meet this requirement, employees must complete the test while wearing a respirator that matches the make, model, and size of the one they will use on the job. Additionally, they should wear any other necessary equipment (e.g., glasses).

Furthermore, the fit test plays a crucial role in ensuring that the respirator establishes an effective seal, thus offering proper protection against hazardous airborne substances. Additionally, regular fit testing, as recommended by safety regulations, helps maintain a safe and healthy working environment. It also ensures that employees adequately prepare themselves to use respiratory protection equipment in their specific job roles.


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Respirator Fit Testing


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