Commitment to Security

AMS Industries, Inc. I.T Infrastructure plays an integral role in day-to-day operations. Furthermore, our experienced I.T team, with diverse talents, forms the core of our seamless operations for integration. In addition, AMS mainly utilizes Microsoft products and services to maximize operational efficiency, aligning with our primary technology platform. By tapping into the skill set of our I.T Department, the majority of the systems are kept on premise. Consequently, this enables the company to control recurring costs, allowing AMS to pass on those savings to the customer. Moreover, AMS places high importance on security due to the current threat level. As a result, it receives significant attention for robust protection measures. Lastly, AMS commits to protecting employee and customer data through the utilization of state-of-the-art multi-layer systems and services


Advanced Security, Cutting-Edge Technology, and Custom Solutions

We enhance security by scanning all incoming and outgoing emails for malware or viruses with an off-site third-party service. Additionally, AMS leverages talent and resources to support core systems, ensure daily operations, and stay current in the ever-evolving CAD field. Moreover, our engineering department has over 20 stations, in addition to using other cloud-based services prevalent in the construction industry. Furthermore, we’re dedicated to mobile computing’s evolution, deploying 350+ devices in the field, staying at the forefront of technology. These devices can directly receive CAD files and other information at the job site. As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation, we allocate dedicated programmers who specialize in developing and maintaining custom applications. These tailored solutions are designed to address specific workflow processes and industry demands, further enhancing our efficiency and adaptability in an ever-evolving construction landscape.