John F. Berzanskis Sr.


Vision Come to Fruition

John Berzanskis Sr., a hard-working man with humble beginnings, originally founded AMS back in 1963, under the name of Antarctic Refrigeration, Inc. John began his refrigeration company as a sole proprietor working out of a former gas station facility in Chicago, Illinois. His simple premise was to work hard and to provide honest, reliable service to the refrigeration industry.


John F. Berzanskis Jr.


Erasing Parameters

With his father’s retirement four years prior, it was in 1982 that John F. Berzanskis Jr. would take the reins of what was AMS Mechanical Systems Inc., and become president and owner while always holding fast to his father’s philosophy to provide excellent service with a strengthened foundation for quality and integrity.

Since then, AMS has expanded its industrial capabilities, employing over 500 staff members across offices and the field. Our office and support staff incorporate an array of highly qualified, experienced employees including graduate mechanical engineers, professional engineers, piping and sheet metal designers, experienced estimators and project managers along with trained administrative assistants and accounting personnel. Field operations consist of superintendents, general foremen, field engineers, safety personnel, journeymen, and apprentices for each signatory trade.


Benjamin J. Campbell

President | CEO

Forging the Future

In 2017, John Berzanskis handed over the reigns to the employees and we are now a 100% Employee Owned Company. As John takes a step back and eases into retirement, he has appointed Ben Campbell as the new president assuming all of John’s duties. Ben is continuing on our course of action of building a better, stronger and more durable company for future generations, protecting the AMS brand, meeting our commitments to clients, developing our people, and helping improve communities.

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