Electric Vehicle Charging

AMS and it’s trusted partners offer turnkey electric vehicle charging solutions that are on the forefront of this emerging industry. Our industry leading systems are fully customizable to suit your specific needs allowing you to provide a seamless and convenient charging experience to the end users.

But that’s not all – with AMS you’ll have the option to generate revenue from EV charging. Out innovative systems are designed to your you turn your charging stations into profit centers. And the best part is? We offer $0 upfront cost options including financing and revenue sharing for many public facing installations making it easier than ever to get started.

Join the EV revolution with AMS and our partners today!

Electric Vehicle

Why Electric Vehicle Charging?

2021 Electric Vehicles Sales equal about 4% of total vehicle sales.
2030 Electric Vehicle Sales are projected to reach between 39% and 52%

As of January 2022, there are 2.5M Electric Vehicles in operation in the U.S.
By 2030, there will be over 28M Electric Vehicles in operation in the U.S.

Electric Vehicle

Level 2 AC Products
Product Specifications & Features

  • Level 2 Power Draw from 3.6kW to 19.2kW
  • Load Management Technology
  • Multiple Pedestal & Mounting Options Available
  • SAEJ1772 Charging Plug with 18 ft Cable
  • LAN Standard, 4G/Wi-Fi

Level 3 DC Products
Product Specifications & Features

  • CS Level Corrosion Protection
  • IK10 for Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • LAN Standard, 4G/Wi-Fi
  • Customizable Logo & Trim Color
  • Load Management
  • Optional Point of Sale System
  • 3-year Warranty
  • ETL & FCC Certified
  • Web Interface
  • DC Metering
Electric Vehicle

How Long Will It Take To Charge?

Electric Vehicle
Electric Vehicle

Our Step by Step EV Charging Solution

  • EV Charging Feasibility Study: Determine how many and the easiest ways to add EV charging to your building
  • End Goal: Decide what charger best suits your needs
  • Funding: AMS and our partners offer $0 financing options
  • Budgets & Project Schedule: Design the system and plan out a the project schedule
  • Final Pricing & Design: Start your project and start charging!

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