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Looking to Extend the Life of Your Parking Garage Drain Systems?

Unfortunately, costly and intrusive piping replacement due to corrosion is a common occurrence within parking garages. AMS Industries, Inc. hydro jetter service is the answer you have been looking for. Hydro jetting is a highly effective and environmentally friendly method for clearing clogs and blockages in drainage systems. This method surpasses the effectiveness of traditional mechanical rodding when it comes to addressing all your drainage system maintenance needs. It effectively washes away the chlorides that accumulate in parking garage drainage systems during winter months. The high-pressure water jet used in the hydro jetter not only removes debris and corrosion but also provides a thorough cleaning, leaving your pipes in excellent condition. Removing chlorides, debris, and blockages from your system is essential for extending piping life. By opting for hydro jetting, you’re not merely resolving drainage issues; you’re making an investment in the durability and efficiency of your piping system.

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