Client Services


The Front Line of AMS

In 2017, AMS enhanced their corporate service structure to form a new business unit in order to better facilitate the execution of HVAC/R and Plumbing Services, Systems Integration, and Owner “centric” construction services. The Client Services Group, takes the traditional model of providing service and small construction projects independent of each other and combines them into one agile team. This structure allows a single point of contact to manage not only your HVAC/Plumbing Service and Maintenance requirements but provides a seamless process to effectively and efficiently retrofit and small construction projects that require multiple MEP+™ trade disciplines.

Our Client Services Group has dedicated leadership and support team to provide collaborative and streamlined solutions simplifying the cumbersome process of multi-trade project requirements where time and cost efficiencies are a priority. This team consists of Professional Engineers, Estimators, Project Managers, and Mechanical Designers along with dedicated field leadership from all building trades. An Internal partner to the corporate structure of AMS Industries, Inc. this group offers agile project execution with the manpower and tooling resources of a large mechanical contractor.